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by spectral

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Compilation of one-off tracks, jams and experiments. 2009-2012.


released June 19, 2013

Marius Paulikas (spectral)




spectral Lithuania

This is my early solo electronica archive. I've been experimenting with music and sound since late 2005. As of now, the spectral moniker is completely dead.
For my new solo works, please visit ENTROPIJA:

I'm also actively participating in free sound improvisation groups BrainMonk and ANA-LOGIKA:
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Track Name: circumstance (shortcut)
a and they say they do a and c do a a bad the Dow to a a a a a to a a a A. A. A. A. A. A.
and a a a a a and the server a S.
they may be a see a case and a man they do a- they now say to the 02 a A. F. A.- the a man-a-half a day-to A a man a and a-two to a a two a say they do is they now they may have bad
they- a as two to two two- a-
They may have two- a- a year and-a-
The A man to a bad to bad- case a a row they say, the matter say that they have a better half the man that's a half-half their have to-know they can't knew the man they do and if they may be a now,
a a a a a N. F.,
they have half a to say, if they have to say that they thought they may data as a a service may or may not have a man, a a half a a a series at a half a they say they were half
a half- half say they now have a half, a way to say I'm a half they may not have happened sooner they have to-the
So now they have the high- it's a safe harbor a man who are so, so they have-a- the-
They say, if they may have to go to a half-a-half and half-half a two- server a man on- a-half annex a-a
Half say, six to ten Serbs half- share of the process if the con SU a a to say if they share a share and-a-half- the can they do they can and do they have to have the a- have a two-
half a day to day and a two the a the new and they may been in a man who may have a half a man if they have a a day in the two-to-2222-year-and-a-half a day in a and who a case of the a man
and then they gegužė 2-to a new they do a the two to can a a new a- a-two And the man on a ten-to have had a man who can do they may not be go a a a a two-hour show a new a year two-
a new two-a man, a no- a half--a the a half-bad half, then data data is there a a man and half they have can go-- the- K.-
a half to two- 22 if the age-and-drop to go through the then they may not have half-year-over-the-F.-two and then have to have a have a lot of A. F. A. A. F.
-Dev to get too the way to do if half the com and dad-bats If F.-F. F. A. F.
-half-year-and the man- a-half they can do a a a bad and a half a a half a bad may now bad man a that a a a bad this is a some say to speak to see you.
I series a C. C. A. A. C. I saying set a singer sewing O. A. A.- been-days A new a a new mandate a new now a half- a-
All all a bad to a a way a way to now happy they were a they say yes a a a a a a I pray a a- matinee the go a say source bad as..